Welcome to the Dallas County Clerk birth, death, and marriage certificate online ordering system. Online requests will be processed during normal business hours, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday.


This is an official request for a Vital Record from the Dallas County Clerk's Office.  Vital records include birth (including home births), death, and marriages for Dallas County.  We maintain vital records for thirty-one (31) cities in Dallas County.  This does not include the City of Dallas, which serves as its own local registrar; located in the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library. The information contained in this request should be considered private. Please complete all information in full and then finalize the order process through payment of the 'order fee'.


Please note the following:

  • Birth records for Dallas County are available back to 1928.

  • If your birth occurred outside of Dallas County, but within the State of Texas, you will be issued an Abstract Record, which is still a certified legal document

  • If you were not born within the State of Texas we are not able to access your birth certificate. You will need to contact the state where you were born.

  • Death Records are available only for decedents who pass within the Dallas County limits dating back to 1930. We do NOT offer Death Records for decedents who pass within the Dallas City Limits.

A long form birth certificate is the most comprehensive certified birth record. It is a copy of the original birth certificate. It will also show a history of corrections that have been made to the birth record. A long form birth certificate are often required to obtain:

  • U.S. Passport
  • Dual citizenship
  • Driver license

A short form or certified abstract of the birth record will only show current information for the individual’s name, date of birth, place of birth, sex, and name of parent(s). This form will not show a history of corrections. A short form birth certificate can be used for:

  • School and/or sports registration
  • Employment requirements
  • Driver license


Attention: The maximum number of Birth Certificates that can be ordered per person, per lifetime is TEN (10).

Processing of Birth and Death Certificate Applications:

- You will receive an email notification when your application has successfully been submitted into the online ordering system.

- You will receive a second email notification and a phone call if our office has notified you of needed documents or questions regarding your order.

- Once your application has been Approved, a confirmation email will be sent to notify you that your document is ready for pick-up, or will be mailed the following business day.

- If your application has been Denied, you will be notified by email.  The Service Fee, and any related credit card fees are considered NON-REFUNDABLE.  The remaining Payment Amount (additional certificate fees, shipping fees) will be automatically refunded back to the applicant's credit card or bank account. 


* Warning: The penalty for knowingly making a false statement in this form can be 2-10 years in prison and a fine up to $10,000 (Health and Safety Code 195.003) 



The State Office is requiring that all applicants upload a form of identification when submitting their application. Click on the button below for information on the forms of identification acceptable.

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Click below to see who is eligible to request a birth/death certificate, as there are restrictions:

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The Following Vital Records May Be Requested Online:
Certified Birth Certificate
$23.03 each
Certified Death Certificate

Additional Certified Copies $4.00 each

 Certified Copy of a Marriage Record

$10.00 ea

* An additional Non-Refundable $4 Service and Credit Card Processing Fee will be applied to all online orders 
* An additional Non-Refundable $0.35 VitalVerify fee will be applied to all 'delivery' orders.


Shipping and Pickup Options

Standard Shipping - Regular USPS

Please allow up to 3-6 weeks for your document to be delivered to you



You will be asked to select the method of receiving the certificates during the application. You will be notified by us once we have processed your application and the certificates are out for mail or ready for pickup. 

For More Information, Contact:

Dallas County Clerk
Vital Records Division
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Dallas, TX 75202

Phone: 214-653-7099
Fax: 214-653-7176
Email: permitium@dallascounty.org


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